Risk Assessment

Humans’ poor working practices in organizations can open the back doors for hackers in any organization. Cybersecurity professionals can quickly mitigate technical vulnerabilities. But human errors are challenging to identify.

Our Team

As a cybersecurity professionals’ team, we can help you through our security awareness programs to minimize human errors. Hacwatch team perform the human security risk assessment by identifying the skill-based errors and decisions-based errors.

Live Sessions

Some of the human errors are unintentional and accidental bit some employees misuse their authority to support cybersecurity breach. So, our professional team performs live sessions of security awareness to educate the employees and employers of human errors and consequences that organizations can face due to security breaches through human errors.

Perform a security risk assessment

A security risk assessment (SRA) is a critical step to understanding the risk to your business and sensitive information.

An SRA will inventory customer, employee, vendor and sensitive data, identify how you are currently protecting the data and make recommendations on how to lower the risk to the data.

An SRA will help you to understand your risk of phishing scams and ransomware, the dangers of lost mobile devices, the risk of insider threats and how prepared you are in the event of a disaster.

Without a thorough understanding of risk, it is difficult to implement the safeguards needed to protect your business. Cybersecurity is a business risk and needs to be evaluated and mitigated just like other business risks.

“Many SMBs don’t know where their critical data is, how it is being protected or what the risks are to the data. Cybersecurity is a business blind spot.”